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Hawkshead Rd
Glossop, SK13 7ST
United Kingdom

01457 869800

Howard Town Brewery - The home of Real Ale in Glossop. An award winning microbrewery based on the edge of the Peak District National Park and only 15 minutes walk from Glossop Railway station. Our bottled beer is available from several fine stores or direct from us here at the brewery.



Own a part of brewing history! Original Brewhouse and FV's for sale.

Stuart Swann

Own a part of brewing history.

Listed, due to recent expansion, is our trusty 8bbl PBC brewhouse.

Priced to sell.

This is the 2nd brewhouse Dave ever built and has been owned by Howard Town throughout.

Extensively upgraded and well maintained, this brewhouse has consistently and reliably brewed almost 1500 gyles.

Included in the sale:

HLT 1350L (upgraded to 2x 12kW element for rapid heat up with temp control programmer and automatic filling/top-up)

Stainless grist hydrator. 4inch RJT grist in, 1inch RJT hot liquor in.

Mash Tun suitable for 8bbls at approx 6%, 4bbls at approx 10%


Kettle (1x12kW 1x24kW element) Upgraded central wort outlet 1.5" RJT, primary drilled plate hop filter. Stainless flue approx 4 metres.

Hop Back, open top infusion hop back with wedge wire secondary hop filter. 1.5" RJT in, 1” RJT out.

Wort transfer pump with tertiary mesh hop seed filter.

Upgraded heat exchanger.

Sterile air wort aeration.

Hard 1 inch wort transfer main stainless with 1” RJT out.

Hard 1.5" CIP return main stainless with 1.5” RJT in/out.

3 x 8 bbl PBC flat bottomed FV's. Cooling panels rear mounted external, 3/8” fittings. 1.5” rjt hygenic butterfly outlet, FDA approved stainless tri clamp sample taps.

1 x 10bbl custom flat bottomed FV. External copper coil coiling under insulation and wood cladding. 1” RJT hygenic butterfly outlet. FDA approved stainless tri clamp sample tap.

2 x 4bbl flat bottomed FV. 1.5” RJT outlet. FDA approved stainless tri clamp sample tap. The other is ready to convert.

Stainless FV outlet upstands.

Etc etc.......

£15,000 plus VAT